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The satellite stationed over East Asia is currently not transmitting data in the northern part of the image. This error only affects the free clouds and not the clouds offered via an EarthDesk Data Subscription.

Professional video management.
Cinematica is a feature-rich professional video management system designed with powerful tools and an intuitive interface.

Cinematica manages your growing video library perfectly, helping videographers, drone pilots, helmet camera enthusiasts, and other video collectors stay organized.

Real time data on your desktop.
Imagine gazing out the window of an orbiting spaceship. That's EarthDesk. It's a map-lover's dream.

EarthDesk replaces your Mac or Windows desktop with a stunningly rendered, real time image of our blue planet, updating in the background while you work.

Time Palette
Keeping you up to date.
For twenty-seven years, Time Palette has set the gold standard for Macintosh world time applications.

Time Palette is for anyone working across multiple time zones, organizing a wealth of data so that working across the world is as easy as across town.